Sell My Property

Selling is an integral part of the investment process. We hope that you enjoy using our property management services for many years to come. However, when the time comes to consider selling, you can rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way.

Where we differ to traditional rental departments in real estate agencies is that we don't see our relationship with you as finishing when we stop managing your property. Traditional property managers are hardworking AND dedicated, but they may not necessarily have your best interests in mind when you talk about selling. After all, if you sell, they've lost you as a client. And you wouldn't believe the disparity between a lot of sales and rental teams within the one agency. Often, they don't communicate with each other!

At Focus West Property we take a different view. We see the relationship we're building with you to be ongoing, whether we're providing current property management services or not. When your kids need our service, or your relatives and friends need our service, we want you to keep us in mind.

To that end, we're developing an extensive network of affilated sales representatives throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Personally recommended and selected by us, we see these guys as integral to our professional team. Many such recommendations will come from existing landlords who advise us who has given them exemplary service. We can then recommend such sales reps to you.

Annual sales appraisal - this is a complimentary service that we INCLUDE for all landlords who use our full service. Utilising a local professional sales agent in your investment property suburb, we will provide you with a current market sales report of your investment property every twelve months.